Nurul Ichsani, S.Sos.,M.I.Kom


Prior to joining Department of Communication, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Hasanuddin, Nurul Ichsani worked as an English tutor and training in Learning Center based in Makassar for eight years. Nurul Ichsani also worked mostly as an interpreter, namely NEXLEAF Analytics in collaboration with U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID); Agriterra; Lembaga Pengkajian Pedesaan Pantai dan Masyarakat (LP3M) in collaboration with Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA); and Singhealth.

Nurul Ichsani actively involves in film community based in Makassar, also serves as Program Manager for Kinetimur. In 2012, she got a scholarship from Ministry of Education and Culture to visit and learn film festival in Interfilm, Berlin International Film Festival.

In Communication Department, Nurul Ichsani teaches Penulisan Skenario, Sinematografi, Aplikasi Komputer, Media Lini Bawah, and Foto Jurnalistik.

Education: Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from Universitas Hasanuddin in Indonesia.

Phone: +6285227670727

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